V-Blogs Creative For...

The V-Blogs Creative (VBC) Theme is designed & developed for everyone, from beginners to experts, enabling them to create and publish high-quality websites quickly and easily.!


Writers Creaters

Inbuilt creative tools and features help creators and writers to create and publish their creative content with ease..


Bloggers Vloggers

VBC's creative tools offer the best way to build professional blogs across various categories and build awesome video websites.


News Magazine

Build publisher websites faster and better with VBC's array of inbuilt custom blocks.

Built-in Unique Web Templates

15+ Prebuilt Websites & Demos

Choose a website template from our prebuilt customizable websites with just one-click demo content install. Publish your website in minutes instead of building it from scratch!

Template 6
Beauty & Fashion Coming Soon
Template 7
Health & Fitness Coming Soon
Template 8
Cooking & Foods Coming Soon

Built-in Tools & Features

Creating your business website, video platform, news outlet, magazine, blog, or any other online destination has never been simpler. VBC's flexible tools and features empower you to fully customize your site on the easiest way. customize the blocks & elements with ease—all with just a few clicks!!



Search Engine Optimaization Tool

LYNX SEO is an advanced and highly customizable SEO tool, integrated as a built-in feature of the LYNX Add-ons. With a suite of advanced SEO features, it ensures your website and its content rank at the top of search engine results, optimizing visibility for search engines and bots.

SEO Features

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Title Tags Seperators
Search Appearances
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Rich Snippets (Schema Markups)
  • Meta Robots
  • Redirects
  • Prefecting
  • Remove Query String
  • Clean Site Head
  • Canonical URl
  • Redirect Attatchments


Monetization, Ads Management Tool

LYNX ADS is an advanced tool within LYNX Add-ons designed for effortless monetization and ad management. It allows you to create and manage unlimited ads, placing them strategically throughout your website's pages for optimal visibility and revenue generation.

ADS Features

  • Create Multiple Ads
  • Manage Ads Label
  • Google Adsense
  • Bing Adsense
  • Other Ads
  • Image Banner
  • Affiliate Links
  • Custom Links
Auto Injection
  • After "X" Number of Paragraph Inside Post/Page Content
  • After "X" Number of Post Block in Archive Pages
  • Before Post Content
  • After Post Content
Custom Injection
  • Before HTML Element's Specific Attributes (id, class) Name
  • After HTML Element's Specific Attributes (id, class) Name

AMP Support

Google AMP Compatible

With integrated AMP support, your website meets Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) guidelines. This feature enables you to create AMP pages that significantly enhance your site's mobile performance, improving user experience and search engine visibility.


Full Google AMP Support
Professional AMP Template's Outline
AMP Post/Pages Blocks & Builder
Attractive AMP Page Design
AMP Ads Management
Built-in Auto AMP Pages Validator

Mobile Friendly

Mobile First Design

Designed prioritizing for mobiles & 100% responsive outline.

progressive-webapps/apis/pointer-events Created with Sketch.

Users Friendly

Best Users Experience

Designed focusing the best (UX) users experience.

All in One Tools & Features

All-in-One Solution

With just the VBC theme, unlock a world of possibilities with a plethora of built-in tools and features, ensuring an outstanding user experience!!

LYNX Add-ons

LYNX Add-ons is a robust plugin designed to extend the functionality of the V-Blogs Creative Theme. It offers a variety of tools and features that allow you to customize and optimize your website to better suit your needs.

  • LYNX Video

    LYNX Video offers a comprehensive set of tools for video websites, making it the ideal solution for showcasing your video content.

  • ic_fluent_channel_24_regular Created with Sketch.

    LYNX Video Channel

    You can elegantly create & display multiple video channels on your website, providing a seamless experience for your viewers.

  • LYNX Travel

    Travel management tool to create and manage travel-related content on your website with ease.


    Featured Image From External URL allows you to set a featured image from an external URL for your post content.

  • LYNX Contact Form

    The LYNX Contact Form empowers you to create contact forms and pages tailored to your needs, all without the need for complex coding.

  • LYNX Table

    With LYNX Table, creating responsive HTML tables for your website is a breeze. No more hassle, just simple and efficient table creation.

  • LYNX Accordions

    LYNX Accordions simplifies the creation of jQuery accordions for your website with a range of layouts and designs.

  • ic_fluent_tabs_24_regular Created with Sketch.

    LYNX Tabs

    LYNX Tabs provides an intuitive platform to generate jQuery tabs for your website with various layouts and designs at your disposal.

  • LYNX Gallery

    LYNX Gallery is a versatile tool that simplifies the creation of image galleries with a range of pre-designed layouts and styles.

  • LYNX Call To Action

    Create engaging buttons and sections to prompt action on your website. Customize templates and styles to boost engagement.

  • LYNX Testimonials

    Highlight customer testimonials with customizable layouts. Build trust and credibility by showcasing feedback from satisfied clients.

  • LYNX Score Box

    Easily create tech review boxes with product pricing tables. Rate and review products with a professional look.

  • LYNX Recipe

    Create beautiful food recipe boxes for your website with ease. Perfect for sharing your favorite recipes with your audience.


    Effortlessly create and manage ads on your website, optimizing ad placements for maximum revenue.


    Boost your website's visibility with powerful, customizable SEO features, ensuring higher rankings on search engines.


Creating the following elements with zero coding skills is entirely achievable with the V-Blogs Creative theme.

  • Custom Post Type

    Easily create custom post types without any coding skills, tailoring your website's content structure to your needs.

  • Custom Taxonomy

    Effortlessly create custom taxonomies to organize and classify your content exactly as you need.

  • Widget-area (Sidebars)

    Effortlessly create new custom widget areas or sidebars without any coding skills.


The V-Blogs Creative theme includes even more tools and elements to enhance its features.

  • Widgets

    The theme comes with a variety of built-in widgets that make it easy to customize your website layouts.

  • Classic Post Editor

    Classic Post Editor switcher allows you to easily switch from the Gutenberg block editor to the classic editor.

  • Classic Widget Editor

    Classic Widget Editor switcher is available to easily switch from the block editor to the classic widget editor.

  • Blockquotes

    Different blockquote designs available to enhance the appearance of your quoted content.

  • List Block (ul/ol,li)

    Customize the appearance of your bulleted or numbered lists with custom icons & colors for better integration into your content.

  • Table of Content

    Options are available for implementing a table of contents feature, helping users navigate long-form content more easily.

  • Cookie Consent

    Included cookie consent settings to comply with GDPR privacy and terms directive requirements.

  • Dark Mode

    Improves user experience in low-light settings, potentially increasing engagement on your website.

  • No Image Placeholders

    Placeholders for situations where images are not available or haven’t been uploaded.

  • Loading Placeholders

    Loading placeholders to enhance the user experience while images and content load.

  • Typography

    A range of custom Google Fonts to choose from, allowing you to personalize the typography on your website.

  • Custom Code

    The option to add custom JavaScript and CSS code through the theme options, providing flexibility for advanced customization.

  • Social Share

    Various social share buttons are available, enabling visitors to share your content across different social media platforms.

  • Google Tag Manager

    Google Tag Manager implementation, allowing you to manage and deploy various tracking and analytics tags.

  • Google Analytics

    The option to integrate Google Analytics into your website to track and analyze visitor behavior, traffic sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

V-Blogs Creative FAQ

  • Why I Should Purchase V-Blogs Creative Theme ?

    For Taking Advantages of :

    • Easy Theme/Site Setup/Configurations

      • Tons of theme/templates options with proper navigations
      • No Elementors, no Visual Editors and no confusions as well
      • No coding skill required
      • Build & publish pro websites on just few clicks
    • Professional Built-in Tools & Features

      • Comes with a complete pakage for you
      • No need to install additional plugins
      • No more plugins, no more losses in website speed
      • LYNX Add-on single plugin is enough to meet Your Need
      • Superb Experience with All in One Tools & Features
    • Outstanding Prebuilt Templates & Websites

      • 5 Inbuilt Templates
      • 15+ Prebuilt Websites
      • One Click Demo Install
    • Amazing Video Theme With Video Publishing Tools

      • Video Features

        • Video Community
        • Video Channel
        • Video Playlists
        • LYNX(Custom) Video Player
        • Video Embeds
        • Many More...
      • Video Supports

        • Mp4 Video
        • Mp3 Audio
        • YouTube
        • Vimeo
        • Video Embedding
    • Best Design & Layouts

      • Designed based on best User Interface
      • Designed based on best User Experience
      • Attractive & fully Responsive Layouts
  • Is It Possible to Build Pro Webistes Without Elementor & Visual Editor ?

    Yes !, Now it's 100% possible just with V-Blogs Creative Theme. More than 300 prebuilt custom blocks & Elements give you freedom to create Professional and Dynamic websites in the easiest way.

  • Do All of Above Mentioned Stuffs Come with Single Purchase ?

    Yes !, All of above mentioned Features, Tools, Add-ons items & everything included into the theme for just single purchase.

  • Is There Any Updates & Supports After Purchasing VBC Theme ?

    Yes !, We provide life time free Updates, 6 months of free Porfessional Support (Upgradable) & life time minor supports.